Body piercing. How to reduce the risk.

Did you know that there are serious health complications from body piercing?

The main danger is infection. Instruments for piercing can be contaminated with blood and can cause HIV, hepatitis B or C.

Poorly performed piercing can also cause injury e.g. nipple piercing can create scar tissue and difficulties breast-feeding.

How to select a piercing studio

1. Do they have an autoclave? All instruments should be sterilised in an autoclave (a special sterilising unit), to kill all bugs, germs and viruses. 

2. Do they reuse needles? All needles should be in individual packages and opened in front of you. Never use needles that have been soaking in liquid. 

3. Is the studio clean? Is everything including the staff clean and hygienic? If not, walk out! 

4. Where did your friends go? Ask about sterilisation. Did they have any problems? Would they go back again? 

5. Ask the staff questions Are they knowledgeable and experienced? Do they have any certification?

Any infection or complications should be immediately reported to your doctor.

Please note this information was correct at time of printing.
For up to date information, speak to your doctor.

Source: Winter 2001 Edition | Page 3

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