8 rules for a better back

1. Sitting
Choose a firm chair which supports the lower back.  A small cushion at the base of the spine may be helpful. Sit right back in the chair with your feet flat on the floor and avoid slouching.

2. Sleeping
Use a firm bed and a low pillow and sleep on your side with your legs drawn up.
3. Lifting
Lift carefully, bending your knees and hips. Never bend forwards from the waist.

4. Carrying
Avoid heavy weights and carry objects close to your body whenever possible.

5. Shoes
Women should avoid very high heels.

6. Lose weight
If you are overweight.

7. Heat and rest
Backache can often be relieved by lying on your back on a firm surface with a couple of pillows under your knees. Heat (hot baths, ray lamp) is often helpful.

8. Exercise
Swimming is the best exercise for back health and regular back exercises can also be very useful.

Please note this information was correct at time of printing.
For up to date information, speak to your doctor.

Source: Summer 1996 Edition | Page 3

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