We are endeavoring to keep waiting times to a minimum and seek your help.

Appointments are normally booked at 15 minute intervals. Please advise us if you think you need a longer appointment so that we can make allowance for this.

Patients with a genuine medical emergency will not be denied an appointment.


Patients are asked to pay the full fee at the time of consultation
Payment can be by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. We are happy to send the claim to Medicare for you electronically. If you give us your bank account details, Medicare will deposit the rebate directly into your account within several days. If we do not have your bank account details, a rebate cheque can take up to two weeks to reach you. Alternatively you can take the claim into Medicare yourself and receive your rebate back straight away.

Family Rate
When more than one person from the same family attend at the one time, we ask that the full fee is paid for at least one member of the family (apart from card holders who are bulk billed). The other members may be bulk billed.

Pensioners and Health Care Card holders are bulk billed for all Medicare approved services.

Please note, a fee may be charged for missed appointments.

Fees as of 1.10.2014           Level B Consult.(Std)          Level C Consult.(Long)           Gap        

Pensioner                                      Bulk billed                            Bulk billed
Health Care Card Holder               Bulk billed                            Bulk billed
Private fee                                     $62.05                                  $96.70                               $25
Rebate (what you get back)          $37.05                                  $71.70

The gap payable for a Level C Consultation (Item 36) is the same as that for a Level B Consultation (Item 23). A Level C Consultation deals with more complex problems than a Level B Consultation

Procedures                                     Rebate                 Gap          

ECG                                                 $31.25                    Nil
Spirometry                                       $20.55                    Nil
Pregnancy Test                                $10.20                    Nil

Please note that some consultations do not attract a government subsidy (and therefore do not attract a Medicare rebate, nor can they be bulk billed). Examples are diving and commercial driving licence medical examinations, medical reports and workplace medicals.

Procedures (eg spirometry, ECGs) will continue to be charged at their Medicare rebate rate only. Health assessments are bulk billed.

Patients will not be penalised for unexpected treatments such as procedures (ECGs, spirometry) or long consultations – in these cases the gap only ($21) can be paid rather than the full fee if this presents a difficulty.

Please also note that there is the potential for out-of-pocket costs related to services such as pathology, imaging, specialist or allied health if you are referred by the doctor to have these done. More detailed information on costs can be obtained by ringing the provider you are being referred to.

We ask that anyone who feels seriously disadvantaged by this system speak to their Dr.  Our staff have been instructed to follow this policy, and are not empowered to change it.


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