The existing building was purchased in 1951 by Dr Neville Wilmer from Mrs Townsend who at that stage ran a boarding house. He turned two rooms into surgeries and lived in the rear of the residence until 1962 when he built his house next door.

In 1959 Dr Nimmo bought into the practice with Dr Wilmer in which the practice employed various specalists and doctors over several years.

Latter joining the partnership was Dr Ron Ramm who in which sold his share to Dr Tony Cook in 1980.

August 1982 Dr Robert Tuffley joined the Practice.

Dr Geroge Springall joined the practice in 1988 after buying Dr Wilmer’s share of the practice and then they were joined by Dr Wright in April 1991 who purchased Dr Nimmo’s share of the partnership.

Leaving in 1992 Dr Springall lead to Dr Jane Woodward joining the practice.

Dr Tony Cook decided to leave Gympie to further his career, he moved to Brisbane and Dr James McCray purchased his share of the practice in 1993.

The surgery was then joined in 1995 by Dr Mary Young who became Dr Mary Piepers when she married Mark Piepers on April 28th 2007.

Furthering his studies in anaesthetics Dr David Wright left the practice in January 2005. His share of the company was subsequently purchased by the other four partners.

To this day Dr Tuffley and, Dr Woodward  are in partnership having seen many changes over the past years with major extensions to the building to accommodate the growing number of staff and patients.


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