Can you afford to be off work for a week or more?

Each year in Australia flu causes an estimated:

  • 1,500,000 lost days.
  • 300,000 doctor visits.
  • 18,000 hospitalisations
  •  3,000 deaths in older Australians.

Flu is highly contagious.

You can pass flu on before you know you’ve got it.
One sneeze can spread the flu for up to a metre.

Facts about Flu

It doesn’t matter how fit or healthy you are.
You cannot get flu from the vaccine. It does not contain any live virus.
Get vaccinated every year. The vaccine is a safe and effective way to reduce your risk of flu.

Vaccination protects the whole community against flu.

The more Australians who get vaccinated, the fewer people there are to pass flu onto others.

It’s especially important for anyone to ask their doctor about flu vaccination if they are:

  • Over 65 years old.
  • Suffering from heart disease, lung disease or severe asthma.
  • Pregnant.
  • Working with any people in the above groups.


Fever Common:  high temperatures (37.7-38.8 C sometimes higher,esp. in young children)
Lasts 3-4 days
Extreme Exhaustion Common: at the beginning of illness Rare
Muscle & joint aches Common: Often severe Not usual
Tiredness& weakness Common: can last 2-3 weeks Not usual
Sore throat Common Not usual
Headache Common Not usual
Sneezing Common Less Common
Chest discomfort, cough Common: cough can be severe Less Common
Runny nose & sore eyes Common Common
Lifestyle effects Likely bed rest: may stop you working or looking after family A cold can make you fell uncomfortable
Recovery time Usually within 7 days, may be 2-3 weeks or longer Usually within 5 days
Research shows that healthy working adults who have been vaccinated against flu have half the number of doctor’s visits and nearly half the number of sick days off work.


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