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Learn to spot the warning signs of suicide and what you can do to help


The reasons someone might consider ending their own life are complex and can be difficult to understand. What’s important is that we recognise the warning signs, take them seriously and take action. Most people thinking about suicide will give some clues or warning signs to those around them. This might include: Talking about being a

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Okay guys, lets talk about STI’s



Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are passed on during unprotected sex with an infected partner. This includes vaginal, anal or oral sex. Anyone who is sexually active can get an STI if they don’t practice safe sex. There are many different STIs including Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Mycoplasma genitalium, genital herpes, hepatitis and

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Meditation can help you relax, reduce stress and cope with illness


Meditation is a mind and body practice that can be used to help with relaxation, stress management, coping with illness and improving overall health and wellbeing. It can assist you to be more self-aware and to focus on the present moment. While more research is needed, there is some evidence to suggest that meditation can

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Travelling this summer? These 7 tips will keep you safe and well


Planning a holiday over the summer months? Take these steps to stay well and protect yourself from illness while travelling. Visit your doctor, ideally at least 8 weeks before you leave. Discuss whether you need to take any medications or have any vaccinations before you travel. This can help to protect you against infectious diseases

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Hot weather health risks (and how to avoid them)


With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a warmer and dryer than average summer for 2019-2020, it’s important to be prepared for the heat.  Whether or not you enjoy the summer months, excess heat can cause stress on our bodies and for some people, puts them at risk of heat-related illness. Those most at risk of

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Optimising male fertility



Preparing for pregnancy isn’t just something for the girls. Fertility problems are equally likely to occur in men as women. The good news is that there are a number of things that men can do to improve fertility and increase the chances of conceiving a healthy baby…. Continued

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Dealing with grief and loss


Grief is a natural response to loss. This could be the loss of a loved one, relationship, pregnancy or pet. For some, it may be the loss of control and independence that comes with getting older. Others experience loss due to children leaving home, separation from friends and family or moving out of their family

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Constipation in Children


Constipation refers to difficulties passing a hard bowel motion (poo). The consistency of the poo and how hard it is to pass is more important than how often your child goes to the toilet. Bowel habits vary in children and some may only go every 2-3 days while others may go up to 3 times

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Pain relief during labour


Labour and childbirth is usually a painful experience and it is difficult to know how a woman might respond. Knowing all of the options available for pain relief will help you to decide what is best for you.
You may prefer to avoid drugs and other medical interventions or be happy to consider all available options. Include your wishes in your birth plan, but its best to keep an open mind, especially if you are having your first baby…. Continued

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The facts about intermittent fasting


What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting refers to fasting for certain periods of time during the day or week. This could be true fasting (consuming nothing but water) or consuming significantly less energy (calories) than usual during the fasting periods. There are three main types of fasting: Types of fasting Periodic fasting: fasting or eating