The skin is the largest organ of the body and is easily viewed and examined. Skin cancers are the most common cancers in Australia. These cancers include — basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) and melanomas, as well as rare skin cancers (e.g. merkell cell carcinomas, cutaneous lymphoma and Karposi’s sarcoma).

Melanomas are the most common skin cancer between the ages of 15-45 years. Melanomas are 20 times more common today than 60 years ago.

In Australia approximately 8000 people are diagnosed with melanomas and 1000 deaths occur from this disease each year. Risk factors of skin melanomas include: personal or family history of melanomas, sun exposure with sunburn, certain occupations (e.g. outdoor work), chemotherapy and immune suppression, use of solariums and persons with numerous “moles” (200+) and dysplastic naevi syndrome.

Who should have a skin check? It is recommended that everybody between the ages of 15-45 have at least one skin check for melanomas. More regular checks are advised for people in high risk categories as mentioned above.


Skin check is simple and non-invasive. The skin examination is performed manually, using magnifying instruments, dermatoscopes and digital photography (Molemax 8 Digital Imaging System) for future monitoring.

As skin cancers can occur anywhere on the body, patients are requested to undress to their underwear for a head to toe examination which includes areas of the breast and the pubic region. A blanket can be provided for modesty if required. If you require the presence of a chaperone, please inform the receptionist when making an appointment.

The doctor might also advice the following where appropriate:

  • punch biopsy to assist the diagnosis of skin lesions
  • cryotherapy (freezing skin lesions) using liquid nitrogen
  • prescription of non-surgical treatments (e.g. special creams)
  • surgical removal of skin cancers
  • referral to specialist skin surgeons and/or dermatologists


An initial detailed skin examination and history will take some time to perform. Recurrent examinations should take less time. The costs are as follows:

Skin Cancer Consultation: $115.00

Procedures such as photographs, punch biopsies, cryotherapy and surgery will incur additional costs. Our receptionists will explain these to you. All appointments except photography attract the usual Medicare rebates.

For appointments, please phone Jamison Medical and Skin Cancer Clinic on 6251 2300

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