The Surgery at Jerra is pleased to announce we are expanding! We have taken over the adjoining premises and will be more than doubling our size. That means more for you. There will be more appointments available with more doctors starting. We are hoping to be up and running by the end of the year or early in 2015.



We are pleased to announce Dr Vivian Praeger has joined The Surgery at Jerra as a Registrar. A Registrar is a fully-qualified doctor who is undertaking additional training to specialise in general practice.
Dr Praeger attained her primary medical qualification at the Univeristy of Bonn in Germany in 2009. She worked at St Vincent’s and Royal Melbourne before moving to Canberra with her husband and two-year old daughter this year.



With the growing shortage of General Practitioners in the Canberra/Queanbeyan region, it’s important to find a doctors’ surgery that makes you feel special and not just another number.

The Surgery at Jerra opened in 2008 to provide quality medical care in a family-friendly environment and new patients are always welcome. Principal doctor and owner, David Yates, said the traditional General Practice had five highly-skilled doctors.

“If you can’t get in to see your favourite GP, we can always get you in to see another one of our friendly and professional doctors.

“And if you need something simple like having your blood pressure checked, then our three qualified practice nurses can do that for you. They also carry out a variety of services such as immunisations, wound care, ECGs, hearing checks, spirometry and health assessments.

“Medicare funds some of these health checks so you may be eligible for these free services if you’re between 45 and 49 years old, over 75, or of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.  You can also be checked for diabetes risk factors if you’re in your forties; and there’s even a healthy kids check for four-year-olds,” Dr Yates said.

“The Surgery at Jerra has a fully-equipped treatment room for minor surgical procedures such as removing skin lesions, applying plasters and suturing.”

Dr Yates said the surgery also offered management plans for chronic diseases, workers’ compensation cases and mental health issues.

Standard appointments were 10 minutes but longer consultations were available for complex problems.

“Your appointment with the doctor is a vital opportunity to get the best possible care.  If you have a complicated problem, or more than one family member who needs to see the doctor, ask for a longer appointment.  There’s usually no extra out of pocket expense for a longer booking.

“We also have appointments set aside each day for people with acute illnesses to try to ensure you can be seen on the day you are sick,” he said.

The Surgery at Jerra is located at the ‘little shops’ in Jerrabomberra. For appointments, call 6255 8112.



A Jerrabomberra doctor is helping a Filipino boy lead a better life.

Eight-year-old Joshua Puyo was born with a severe bowel condition and without the intervention of Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), his life expectancy would have been very limited.

Local Rotarians asked Dr David Yates from the Surgery at Jerra to provide free medical care for Joshua in the lead up to several operations which will address his rare condition.

Through ROMAC, Dr Yates had already given treatment to several children, at no cost.

“I get the satisfaction of knowing that I’m making a small difference in the lives of children who are doing it tough,” he said.

Joshua’s mother, Grace Puyo said she was very thankful and relieved Dr Yates had the time to see her son.

“He’s never rushed us. Dr David (Yates) is very careful and thorough. I never expected to get so much help at no charge,” she said.




Dr David Yates set up The Surgery at Jerra in 2008. His goal was to provide a traditional General Practice that provided quality care to our community in a family-friendly environment.

Three years on, and the family-owned surgery has grown to include five qualified doctors and three practice nurses as well as a bevy of friendly and efficient receptionists and allied health providers.

Dr Yates said he believed involvement in the community was a social responsibility for any small business.

“Most of us live in the Jerrabomberra/Queanbeyan region and we regularly participate in local activities, especially those with a health and well being focus,” he said.

”Our nurses and receptionists run stalls at local fetes and fairs to provide free checks on blood pressures, body mass indexes and blood sugar levels. Our doctors and nurses also give free talks at club meetings on health topics of interest.

“The Surgery at Jerra also continues to financially support the Jerrabomberra Mothers’ Walking Group, which runs a weekly pram walk to promote fitness for new mums and their bubs in a social setting,” Dr Yates said.

From a wider community perspective, the surgery is also committed to the ongoing development and training of new doctors, medical students and other allied health students.

Dr Yates said The Surgery at Jerra currently had a registrar doctor placed there and an ANU medical student had just completed a semester with the senior doctors.

“Being involved in training local students will encourage them to stay in General Practice once they’re qualified and will help to reduce the critical doctor shortage,” Dr Yates said.

As a child, David Yates had a doctor his family had been going to for years. Now David’s a doctor himself and after working in rural Australia and the UK for many years, he set up The Surgery at Jerra in 2008.

Dr Yates said The Surgery at Jerra catered for all ages and all types of medical issues, from the common cold to complex conditions. New patients were always welcome.

“I’ve always wanted to have a surgery that promotes comprehensive ‘cradle to grave’ medicine. I want to treat people throughout their life,” he said.

“It’s a challenge and emotionally draining at times but, from my perspective, it’s the only type of practice that is truly rewarding.

“I want to treat children who end up bringing their children to me. I want patients to recommend The Surgery at Jerra to family and friends, making the surgery a true family practice,” Dr Yates said.

The Surgery at Jerra had team of experienced doctors and nurses as well as friendly and efficient reception staff to help Dr Yates realise his goal.

Dr Yates said The Surgery at Jerra had a real family atmosphere, like the medical practice he went to as a child.

“We treat patients as people, not just a number. We want people to feel like they matter, and not feel like their doctor or nurse is rushing them through.

“We pride ourselves on providing top-notch care and support and take the time to really listen to our patients,” he said.