Tim Douge
Exercise Physiologist

Bulk Bills ALL patients under the Team Care Arrangement program.

Tuesdays – weekly

Privates Fees
Initial Consultation – $86.50
Standard Consultation -$72.50

Special Interest:

Chronic Musculoskeletal conditions, Cardiovascular disease, lung conditions

Tim is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in lifestyle modification programs for people with chronic diseases, injuries, medical conditions or disabilities. Using the latest research regarding the benefits and applications of exercise Tim aims to improve the physical functionality and overall well being of an individual or group.

Tim has experience working with aged populations, athletes, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. In working with the general population Tim provides expert support for people wishing to improve their health and fitness as well as implementing health and wellness programs and presentations for corporate groups.

Amos Paterson

BExSc, Mast (Physiotherapy)

Wednesday and Saturdays – weekly

Bulk Bills patients under the Team Care Arrangement program on Wednesdays. 
$20.00 gap fee applies on Saturdays.

Privates Fees
Initial Consultation – $80.00
Standard Consultation -$70.00

Special Interest:

Back and Neck Pain, Acupuncture, Shoulder Rehabilitation.

Amos is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist, having worked in private practice, nursing homes as well as various medical centres across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. He has worked extensively with a wide range of patients, including young athletes, mums & dads, pre and post-surgery patients, and individuals managing ongoing pain. Amos has undertaken extended courses in acupuncture and shoulder rehabilitation. Using the most up to date clinical evidence, Amos employs a variety of techniques to help clients achieve the best possible results.

–  Manual & Soft tissue therapies
–  Acupuncture
–  Dry needling
–  Electrotherapy
–  Condition education
–  Exercise prescription
–  Chronic disease management
–  Postural assessment
–  Workcover return to work treatment

Example conditions (not limited to):
–  Chronic/Acute neck/back, upper/lower limb
–  osteoarthritic or muscular pain.
–  Headaches, Migraines, Headaches.
–  Whiplash & associated disorders from motor vehicle injury
–  Sporting injuries
–  Women’s Health education
–  Mobility assessments and mobility aid prescription.
–  Cardiorespiratory difficulties
–  Adolescent associated musculoskeletal conditions
–  Temporomandicular Joint Pain
–  Balance and vertigo problems
–  Muscular weakness and loss of joint movement
–  Orthopaedic rehabilitation. Both before and after surgery.



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 National Hearing

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