The goal of the doctors and staff of the Somerset Medical Centre is to provide:

  • The best medical care for patients incorporating best practice principles, up to date knowledge and technological advances;
  • The best service for patients through awareness of individual health and social requirements, respect for the patients as people and confidentiality of any information gained;
  • The best working conditions for doctors and staff through mutual respect and individual awareness of personal and social requirements.
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Somerset Medical Centre commenced in 1962 as a one doctor practice. The first full-time receptionist managed everything in the early days until rapid practice growth and development necessitated the appointment of fully trained and experienced nurses to maintain the service, occasioned by frequent hospital calls for casualties, deliveries, anaesthetics and other urgent medical needs.

In the beginning the practice had no ancillary and support services. Civic development was still fairly rudimentary with many streets unsealed, often no footpaths or kerbing, open drains and septic tanks. This meant plagues of flies and mosquitoes in the hot summer months and Hepatitis outbreaks amongst school children.

The Somerset Medical Centre has continued to develop and has become a large 4 doctor practice.

The advent of a Practice Manager saw a major change in the practice business. Computerisation began in August 1990 with business accounts of patient payment initially being performed. In December 1995, the completion of computerisation saw each Doctor using computers for patient records and prescribing, ordering x-rays, pathology tests, etc.

Over a period of time, the physical size of the premises required a number of expansion alterations due to increasing volume of patient numbers. The Somerset Medical Centre complex includes an onsite Pharmacy, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist and numerous consulting rooms for other Allied Health Professionals.


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