Consultations with your doctor are by appointment and made through reception. A standard consultation is booked for 10 or 15 minutes depending on the Doctor you are seeing.

If you need more time with the Doctor, please tell the receptionist when you make your booking and they will book a longer consultation for you.

Urgent medical problems will always be dealt with promptly.
Where it is not possible to see your doctor of choice on the day, one of the other doctors will be pleased to assist you and will have full access to your medical history.
For medico-legal reasons, all patients requiring a surgical procedure will need to book a separate appointment beforehand.
Please remember to check in at reception on arrival, before being seated. 
Remember to cancel unwanted appointments as a non attendance fee will be charged. (see fee page)

Delays in seeing the Doctor
We appreciate your time is valuable, and as much as we try to maintain appointment times it is not always possible because of difficulties with some patient problems and emergency cases. The receptionist will generally inform you if a significant delay is likely. You are also welcome to phone the surgery before your appointment to check on any anticipated delays.

How you can help us keep on time:

  • Be aware that your time with the doctor will be about 10-12 minutes.
  • Be understanding if the doctor suggests you come back to address remaining issues.
  • Understand that a “squeeze in” appointment is for really urgent conditions and deal only with that one urgent problem.
  • If you have multiple issues please make a double appointment.

We ask for your patience and understanding.

Telephone Calls
For the benefit of patients attending the doctor, we try to avoid interruption during consultations, unless it is urgent or an emergency. The doctor will otherwise return your call at the earliest convenience or ask you to make an appointment if appropriate.

Home Visits
If possible, doctors are able to visit you at home if you are too sick to come to the surgery. Should you require a home visit, please contact the surgery as early as practicable.

After Hours
St Helena Mediplex uses the Doctor Doctor Service for  after hours care. Please phone them if you need a doctor after hours – 13 26 60

Repeat Scripts
As a general rule, repeat prescriptions are issued as part of a normal consultation, unless otherwise specifically arranged. For medico-legal and Government regulation reasons, an appointment with a doctor is necessary for all routine repeat prescriptions.

Specialist Referrals
The Government stictly regulates referrals to specialists and the doctor must decide if a specialist referral is appropriate or relevant. For medico-legal reasons, an appointment with a doctor is necessary for all new or repeat specialist referrals.

Medical Certificates
We are legally unable to write backdated certificates for illness prior to seeing a doctor. All patients requiring a medical certificate must have an appointment with a Doctor.

Test Results
It is generally the patient’s responsibility to follow up test results with a subsequent doctors appointment. The surgery will otherwise contact patients only if specific or urgent attention is required concerning a test result. For straightforward tests, your Doctor may ask you to phone the surgery for results. The nurse will usually give these results.

All medical records are strictly confidential and therefore results will only be given directly to the patient or parent of an under age child.

Recall and Reminders
This practice uses a “Recall and Reminder” system to provide preventive care for its patients.
This will assist in ensuring that important health checks are not forgotten. You will be reminded when it is time to visit your doctor for a check up or as a follow up to health risks that have previously been found.

The reminder system will include checks to help in the prevention or early detection of certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and forms of cancer – particularly cervical and prostate cancer, and immunisation follow up.

The privacy laws require that we obtain your consent to send you these reminders. Please speak to your doctor if you do not want to be on the recall system. We are now sending reminders by electronic messaging (SMS). If you do not want to receive reminders via SMS, please advise reception.

Personal Records
Please let us know of any change in your name, address and telephone numbers. If possible please provide alternate phone numbers ie: mobile/work. It is important we have your current details as we may need to contact you.

Collecting X-rays
X-rays are an important part of your medical records. We are unable to store these for you, so please collect them from reception and keep in a safe place for future comparisons.

Work Cover Patients
Not all the Doctors at Mediplex are able to see work cover patients. Please check with reception when booking a work cover consultation. Work cover patients are responsible for their own consultation fees until such time as a claim has been accepted by an insurer, and a claim number is provided.

Interpreter Service
We are able to provide an interpreter service for non English speaking patients.
Please give us 48 hours notice for this service. For more information, phone 131 450 or visit


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