Are you a busy mother who struggles to exercise because you always put yourself last? You’re not alone – it can be easy to let healthy eating and exercise slide when you have other seemingly more important priorities. Unfortunately this often results in low energy levels and even less motivation to make the effort to prepare healthy meals and get active.

Ideally, all mums should set some time aside each week for themselves but if this isn’t possible, here are some ideas to help you fit exercise into your week, around your family responsibilities.

  • Meet a friend for a walk on the beach or around the park instead of a coffee.
  • Book yourself into a class at a local gym where you can put the kids in the crèche.
  • Check out local “Mums with Bubs” exercise programs – outdoor group exercise programs where you can work out with other mothers with babies.
  • Walk the kids to school or to the park to play, rather than driving.
  • Buy or hire an exercise DVD (or check out what’s available on You Tube) to use at home when the kids are asleep – or make it a game and let them join in with you!
  • Jump on the exercise bike or treadmill while kids are doing their homework or playing – you can exercise and keep an eye on them at the same time. If the cost of buying exercise equipment is an issue, you could consider hiring instead.
  • Plan some family activities on the weekends that involve being active – swimming at the beach, going for a bike ride, walking to the park, playing a game of cricket or soccer, going to the Zoo – the possibilities are endless.
  • Housework has to be done, so make the most of it by putting on your favourite music and giving it all the effort you can – your house will be extra clean and you will get a great workout at the same time!
Group of friends relaxing on the grass in the summeritme having a good time together

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