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Being a new parent is a life-changing event leading to experiences you’ve never had before. For some it can be a relatively smooth ride, whereas for others problems can occur. Here are helpful tips that can reduce some common potential problems.

Dump the myths

There are myths about parenting that can lead to unrealistic expectations. They include:

  • Parenting comes naturally
  • I should have all the answers and cope by myself
  • I’ll have more flexibility and leisure time

Feeling love for your baby can come naturally, but the reality is most parenting involves learning as you go and demands a lot of time (more than a full time job). Thankfully it can be made easier with help and support. Remember, you’re not a failure for feeling this way and having these needs.

Ups and downs and relationships

Having a baby involves ups and downs. There are precious moments watching your baby grow and develop, but also lows such as feeling anxious or tiredness, which can be extreme.

As a couple, parents also have to adjust to sharing their life with another person. You can build on the strengths of your pre-baby relationship. But it can also require new ways to communicate and work as a team.

Look after yourself

Issues and problems associated with your baby need to be dealt frequently and throughout the day and night in the first weeks and months. It can cause you to neglect yourself. Set aside some time so you can:

  • Do something you enjoy
  • Spend time with other new parents
  • Have extra sleeps
  • Do some exercise and eat a healthy diet

For more information, speak to your doctor and visit

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