If you think your child is gifted, you may well be right. Parents can become aware very early on that their child’s behaviour is different to other children. But you may hesitate to suggest it’s due to being gifted because you don’t want to appear to be bragging.

However, parents usually know their children better than anyone. As a result, you’re considered an excellent resource by educators when deciding if your child is gifted.

What is being gifted?

All children have unique strengths and talents, but an estimated 10-15% are gifted. Being gifted is defined as having a particularly advanced ability compared to children of the same age, in one or more areas including:

  • verbal, language (e.g. reading, writing, speaking)
  • logical, mathematical (e.g. numbers, classification, problem solving)
  • visual, performing arts (e.g. drawing, painting, musical)
  • body movement, psychomotor ability (e.g. dance, sport)
  • interpersonal (e.g. communication, leadership)
  • intrapersonal (e.g. reflective, self-sufficient)

When gifted children fulfil their potential ability and achieve advanced skills and performance they are regarded as ‘talented’ children.

For Parents

Your child, gifted or not, does best when receiving support and stimulation that fits with their abilities and interests. Without this, gifted children can, for example, show behaviour problems due to boredom or not reach their potential because they want to be the same as their friends.

If you think your child is gifted, speak with their preschool, school, a psychologist or your doctor. An enrichment or extension program, opportunity class or selective school, may be suitable for your gifted child.

More information: Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented www.aaegt.net.au

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