Have you noticed that crash ­diets don’t work? Rapid weight loss slows the ­metabolism and increases storage of fat. We also need time to establish new eating habits and choices or we simply return to our old ways and regain those kilos, the ‘yoyo effect’.

The trick to lose weight and keep it off  is to reduce our kilojoule intake by small amounts over a longer time. Here are some tips from Australian Healthy Food Guide:

  • Don’t rely on willpower. Use the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle. Try not to buy treat foods but if you must, put them in opaque containers on the pantry’s top shelf. If you tend to overeat favourite foods like nuts, divide them into single serve ziplock bags.
  • Avoid the ‘health halo’ trap. Studies have shown that we eat more when we believe a food is fat-reduced. This can result in a greater kilojoule intake rather than less.
  • Don’t underestimate drinks such as alcohol and fruit juice which contain a lot of kilojoules and don’t help us feel full. Stick to water where you can.
  • Burn a little more each day. Walk up that flight of stairs or have a 10 minute walk at lunchtime. It all adds up.
  • Eat a little less. You can still have your ­favourite foods, but reducing your ­portion sizes by 10 % will lead to a 5–10 kg weight loss over 10 months.
  • Focus on your food. Research tells us that we eat more and longer when distracted, for example by TV. Eat slowly, with cutlery, at the table and focus on what you eat.
  • Plan ahead when eating out. If it is hard to resist the nibblies or unhealthy foods at parties or work functions, have a healthy snack before you go, such as a cup of soup or a small bowl of fruit and yoghurt.

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Please note this information was correct at time of publication.
For up to date information, speak to your doctor.

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