In Australia a free GP helpline is now operating in most states to provide after-hours telephone advice when your GP is not available.

Red telephoneThis will be especially helpful for families with young children, for whom problems often seem to arise in the early hours of the morning!

Calls are answered by a registered nurse who will assess your condition and provide information and assistance. If necessary, the nurse will transfer you to a GP for telephone advice.

In many cases you will be able to manage the condition at home until you can see your own GP. At other times, you will be referred to a face-to-face after-hours service in your area.

With your permission, a record of your phone consultation can be sent to your GP.

The service operates 365 days a year. It is open from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday, from 12 noon Saturday to 8am Monday and all day on public holidays.

The service is not for ­urgent medical conditions. In an ­emergency, always call an ambulance on 000 or go to a hospital emergency department.

How to access the helpline

  • NSW, ACT, SA, WA and NT. Ring 1800 022 222 (HealthDirect Australia).
  • Queensland. No GP service yet. Ring the 13HEALTH 24-hour nurse ­advice line.
  • Victoria. No GP service yet. Ring Nurse-on-call 24-hour advice line, 1300 606 024.
  • Tasmania. Call Health Direct Australia on 1800 022 222.


  • Please note this information was correct at time of publication.
  • For up to date information, speak to your doctor.
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