Test your knowledge of nutrition on the following topics covered in recent issues of the Australian Healthy Food Guide.

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Are you making smart food choices?

Who should eat low-fat dairy foods?

Everyone over 2 years of age.  Low-fat milk and cheese are less fattening and rolex replica are better for weight watchers. However, they are also lower in ‘bad’ saturated fat which causes heart disease, so everyone in the family over 2 years should make the change.

Can you refreeze meat?

No. Meat should only ever be frozen once. After defrosting, don’t freeze it again, even after you cook it, as this can allow bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels.

Is raw sugar healthier than white sugar?

No. Raw and brown sugar sound healthier but both are simply white sugar with ­molasses added, so are actually more ­processed. All sugar is high in energy and low in nutrients, so less of all types is best.

Is cling wrap safe in the microwave?

Yes, if the pack says it is microwave-safe. However, only use it for cooking up to one minute – after that there is the risk of the plastic melting and going into the food. ­Always cover the container loosely with cling wrap so steam can escape.

Is the chicken breast the healthiest part?

The ‘white’  breast meat is the most popular cut of chicken. However, the ‘brown’ parts such as thighs and drumsticks, contain more good fats, vitamin A, iron and zinc and have a similar kilojoule count. Remember to always choose lean, skinless options.

Do you have to exercise to lose weight?

How much food you eat is more important than exercise in determining your weight. Although you can lose weight without it, exercise will help you see the results sooner. In any case, exercise is hugely beneficial for your health in so many other ways.

Do antioxidant supplements reduce cancer or heart risk?

No. Recent research has again failed to show any benefit from antioxidant ­supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and beta-carotene in preventing cancer or heart disease. The best way to boost your ­antioxidant intake is still with food.

Do microwaves cause cancer?

A kitchen microwave in good condition, used correctly, is safe and there is no evidence that it causes cancer.  In fact, a microwave is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Microwaved foods retain more nutrients than foods cooked by other methods.

Does sugar cause hyperactivity in kids?

No. Recent research has again confirmed that sugar does not cause hyperactivity in spite of what many parents think, even in kids with ADHD and others considered ‘sensitive’ to sugar.



Please note this information was correct at time of publication.
For up to date information, speak to your doctor.

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